Why Invest in Sydney

Some Statistics

  • Just under 4.7 million people live in Sydney
  • Population is projected to grow by about 60,000 new residents each year over the next decade
  • The city holds 1.72 million private dwellings
    • of which three out of five (61%) are detached, with a further 25% being apartments and one in eight being semi-detached in nature
  • The median house price is just under $650,000
    • Attached dwellings average about $515,000
    • House prices are rising at present at around 1% per annum
    • Apartment values are showing more grunt with rises closer to 1.5% per annum due to affordability
    • New property prices are rising even faster still, up 3.6% on this time last year


  • There are just over 9,000 properties for rent across the cityAverage gross rental yields range from 4.2% to 4.9% respectively for detached houses and attached product
    • which equates to a 1.7% vacancy rate
  • Close to 90% of Sydney’s renters pay less than 30% of their income on rent
  • One-third of the city rents their accommodation
    • whilst another 30% own their homes outright and 35% have a mortgage


  • There are 2.7 people on average per dwelling
  •  One quarter of the city’s residents live alone
  • 25% live as couples without children at home
  • Just under half of Sydney’s homes have children living in them
  • Two-thirds of the city’s dwellings have three or more bedrooms


The time it takes to sell a property in Sydney has remained fairly steady over the previous quarter, currently averaging 92 days.  Most established homes are being discounted to help make a sale, but the average private treaty discount rate is about 6%.  At present there are just 19,000 houses and 11,000 attached dwellings for sale across Sydney, which is 13% less than late 2011- a good sign for things to come. Close to 45,000 established houses sold and settled in Sydney over the past twelve months

Capital Growth

Sydney’s dwellings prices are expected to increase by between 5% and 6% per annum over the next three years

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Where to Invest?

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