Very Few Investment Properties are SMSF suitable !

As the trustee of your Self Managed Super Fund you are accountable for your SMSF’s performance. You are also liable for placing your SMSF in financial jeopardy through incorrect decision making. Thus it is imperative that Informed Decisions are made when investing in the ‘right’ property to suit your SMSF strategy and very few properties suit cash flow required. One size doesn’t fit all !

Looking on the Bright Side

There certainly are Investment Properties highly suited to a SMSF and some of the benefits of investing in a property in your Super include
* Returns on investment of 10% to 15% per annum (property dependent)
* Investing only your deposit and leveraging the balance through bank borrowings
*Investing say 20% deposit and achieving capital growth on 100% of your asset (leverage increases your return on investment)
* Having your tenant make significant contributions towards your retirement planning goals
* Giving yourself choice and an element of control over your Super destiny

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