SDA Investment Property

SDA Property under the NDIS

Are you looking for risk mitigated high yielding investment property?

If you have ever wanted to create a legacy whilst investing and feel great about it, then SDA Property under the NDIS will certainly tick your boxes for you.

You may not be aware that around 28,000 fellow humans with a Disability not only qualify for purpose built accommodation, but qualify to become a participant within the NDIS to become your tenant and live as normal a life as possible within our communities. For which you could be receiving a rental yield from around 10% pa up to 10% and possibly higher!

How good is that!

Not only are you securing a risk mitigated investment that is Federal Government Backed with a $700 Million per annum budget under which your purpose built dwelling achieves its compliance certificate for a 20 year period. What this means to you is that your investment whilst you have tenants is ensured to receive a very high rental yield which is also linked to CPI giving you income increases over the life of your investment.

Why is the Government doing this?

It costs us tax payers around $1 Million Dollars per year to house a person with disability under current conditions and it costs around $1,800 per day to accommodate a paraplegic in a hospital.

So if the Federal Government under the National Disability Investment Scheme (NDIS) can save over $900k per annum by incentivising you the investor with a very high yield … and a participant gets to enjoy purpose built accommodation within their communities … its a win – win – win for all you would have to agree.

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