SDA Property Market Update

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SDA Property under the NDIS market report update March 2020

NDIS SDA undersupply and high demand

Specialist Disability Accommodation Supply in Australia March 2020

The report presents an analysis of dwelling supply currently in development and areas of potential under or oversupply of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) housing across Australia. This report presents the findings of a new survey of SDA providers and developers undertaken across Australia in September 2019. As with the previous Specialist Disability Accommodation Supply in Australia (published in March 2019), this survey collected data about new SDA housing projects in development in order to determine how many SDA places are being planned or are under construction. New data was contributed by over 50 SDA providers and developers around Australia. Combined with data from the first survey of SDA places in development and still to be completed, this report identifies that there are 1,766 SDA places in development around Australia

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