4,7 or 10 Investment Properties in 10 years …

One Investment Property is great, what if you have the ability to build up to 7 or 8 properties within 10 years & secure your Financial Freedom

How will this Change your Life!

    • First step is to undergo your due diligence using properT network to help find your first property.

    • If you already own a property we strongly recommend utilising existing Equity in this property to Invest in your Second.

    • Making use of the principle of Leverage;  meaning your asset work for you!

    • Banks just love lending money to Investors who accumulate Equity within their portfolios and where you own Cash Flow Positive Investment Properties.

    • With the tremendous shortage of Property, the tax man continues to incentivise expenses generated in your Investment Property Portfolio . These expenses are Tax Deductible against all your income.

    • Another incredible benefit that is an Allowable Expense is the Depreciation Allowances within your Investment Property Portfolio. It is there for the taking!

    • Between the Tax Man and the tenant, in most cases over 90% of the Investment Property is being funded by them. Meaning you can take ownership of an Asset worth say $475k @ a negatively geared expense of around $29 dollars per week. (This is an example of someone earning a taxable income of around $70k plus other variables). Each investors situation is unique; we are able to undergo this process with you on an individual basis to demonstrate your outcome.

    • We will sit down with you and demonstrate how you can achieve financial independence based on your own goals and personal circumstances.

    • Why do around 20% of the population own about 80% of the property? Why do Millionaires all own Investment Property? The answer is simple – they are astute investors who follow an investment strategy to acquire wealth. A strategy that is available to you!

    • Possibly never in any of our life times has an Opportunity presented itself to secure personal wealth through property as it is presenting itself now and into the foreseeable future. All you have to do is have a need and a desire to take this advantage!

  • Massive Stamp duty Savings … the earlier one invests, the larger the stamp duty savings! Stamp duties are a very high form of tax. Off plan totally minimises the amount of stamp duty required to pay the earlier one invests into the project. Stamp duties saved, are extra investment dollars in your pocket, placing you firmly ahead of the pack.


Example :

  1. First Property Purchase 2013 to the value of $400,000. Today just three years later the Value is say $370,000 resulting in Equity of $70,000 (paying off interest only)
  2. This year (2017) invest in your second property of say $450,000, the banks based on your current equity of $70k will gladly lend you the funds and the deposit to purchase this new property.
  3. In the year 2018 you  invest in your Third Investment Property say to the value of $550,000.  The two preceding properties in your portfolio would now have equity within them to go to the banks to apply for a new loan.
  4. Based on personal circumstances revisited each year will determine the practical progress of the investment strategy moving forwards.
  5. With the value of property doubling every 10 years , it would be safe to estimate that your investment portfolio  based on  7 or 8 Investment Properties after a 10 year period would be very significant we hope you would agree!
  6. It all starts with the first one … are you ready?   Get the ball rollingmore


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