Securing and Growing your Wealth through Investing in Property

There are properties and there are properties that are more suited to investment than others having many variables, when it comes to property investment and regardless of whether you are a first time or experienced investor, there is always something new to learn, you may agree.

At properT network, we take the time to get to :

  • Know you
  • Understand your ‘why’, why you want to invest in property
  • Discover where you are now in terms of your financial planning
  • Work out where you want to be and by when
  • Evaluate how you currently are working towards your goals
  • Identify your shortfall
  • Work out a plan of how best to get you towards your goals as efficiently as possible
  • Working with you to put a plan together
    • Preferred investment budget
    • How much you can borrow
    • Preferred location(s)
    • Type of property / dwelling
    • Preferred time frame to having ownership
    • Who will have ownership /title to the property (your name, a trust, a SMSF, etc)
  • Explain the financial advantages of Investing in Property
  • Educate you each step of the way
  • Explain which type of property is more suited towards your investment strategy and why
  • Our primary role is to help you come to an informed decision, wether that decision is a no or a yes. So long as you make an Informed Decision
  • Assuring you of our prompt and personal attention at all times now and into the future as you are ready to put your plan in place

Not all property makes for a purdent investment, by getting to know you and your goals properT network will give you a clearer understanding and help you compare and analyse the ‘numbers’ that drive your investment. We aim to remove the emotion and focus you on ‘why these properties’ over those based on your own Goals and Investment Strategies.

By removing emotion, you are able to come to an informed decision!

Our comparisons include :

  • Comparing property to other investment vehicles
  • Comparing two properties side by side to help you determine which one will be more suited to your investment strategy

Our services and strength lies in :

  • Buyers Advocacy Services
  • Analysing your current investment property portfolio
  • New Property
  • Off the Plan
  • Residential / Commercial
  • Property Development
  • Helping you add value to your current property before you sell
  • Selling or Developing your Backyard
  • Providing sites with development potential
  • Discussing and recommending locations

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